Things you should stop doing


Things you should stop doing

I surely don’t believe that you should stop doing something that makes you happy, .but there are some things you do that you don’t realise are bad for you, and you should get rid of them for you well-being and happiness.

Here is what you should stop doing as soon as possible.

First of all, stop criticizing every selfie of yourself. Look closely at the pictures you took of yourself 10 years ago. You’re probably thinking in your head “I remember that I used to hate this picture, but I can’t figure out why. I looked so young and happy!”.
In 10 years you’ll think the same of the selfies you take

Things you should stop doing
Things you should stop doing

now, so why not skip this self-hate step and love yourself and your photos now? Another thing related to your selfies, you have to learn how to take a compliment!

We’re all bad with receiving compliments, we have the tendency to say “Oh, you’re just saying that to be polite”. Once you’re 30 you should stop, listen, enjoy and at least say “thank you”.

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Also, now’s the time to stop criticizing yourself. If you would talk to anyone the way you talk about yourself, you would have no friends. Try talking about yourself like you would talk about one of your friends: be more forgiving, more understanding and most importantly, more loving.

Another thing you have to quit is to stop comparing yourself with others. Like Mark Twain said once, “Comparison is the death of joy”. When you’ll be able to analyze your progress in an impartial way, without comparing it with someone else’s, you will be capable of setting realistic goals and enjoy your little victories, instead of being constantly discouraged by the success of others.

Things you should stop doing
Things you should stop doing

Moving on, you should also stop saying “yes” when your heart is saying “no”. Life is short, and once you’re 30 it will seem even shorter. This means that you will have to prioritize your time differently, and the best way to do that is to learn how to say “no”.

If you don’t want to go the second birthday party of your friend’s son, don’t go. If you don’t want to go out tonight even if you promised you would go, just call and cancel. I’m not saying that you should be antisocial, but you’re a grown-up and you should be able to make decisions for yourself.

Speaking of friends, if a friend doesn’t bring you happiness, stop being friends with them. Friendships are a choice, not an obligation.

Lastly, stop idealizing your future! Guess what you’ll learn once you get older: there is no magical period in life when everything will be in place and you’ll finally be happy.

On the contrary, life gets more and more complicated, there will be unexpected events that you won’t be able to control. That’s why you have to start living in the present and enjoy every moment of your life, instead of being anxious about your future.




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